The Charriol Woman

She wears the ubiquitous steel cable bracelet and matching ring. Her wardrobe consists of neutrals, of a million shades of gray, of bone, of beige, of blacks. She walks around quietly – never wasting a word on what is unimportant.

She values her silence, but can pierce souls with a few words.

Her voice is never up a high pitch, it’s almost impossible to elicit an expression of surprise. Her steps announce her arrival, in her standard monochromatic, never loud, never bright heels. She moves with utmost precision, with swan like motion.

She likes watching French romantic films when hours seem to go slower than slow. She adores all things French --- from its lifestyle, to its fashion, to its little idiosyncrasies, to the lilt of the voice when a French woman speaks English and yet she doesn't attempt to speak any.

She is shy, she is quiet, never bold. 

She prefers a sauvignon blancover beer or wild cocktail any day.

On days she feels like celebrating, she pulls out a bottle of bubbly and graciously toasts to lunch. She has gotten over the lure of loud cocktail, costume jewelries and instead, has chosen to tread the path of real, simple yet authentic metals that some years ago wouldn't have interested her. She is truthful, she does not play games -- she doesn't know of any games.

Her voice is always soft and her moves always calculated. She walks forever in elegance, she is not without a blanket of sophistication.

She never needs to show off and yet the world stops to watch her every move.

The world is always watching.

*Charriol Fragrance, Show Off, is available at Rustan's and Charriol Greenbelt 5.