Inspired Workspaces {and see what's on mine}

Lately, my obsession over redesigning my workspaces {both home and office} has been insane. Blame it on these two websites, The Coveteur and The Everygirl, which feature workspaces of stylish and creative people that I am left wide eyed and daydreaming about how to go around redecorating mine. It doesn't help that Daphne's post here featured a myriad of Instagrams of the best cluttered desks. I'm leaning towards white, airy, sunny spaces, which I don't have just yet. In a couple of months' time though, I'll be able to

a) redecorate my home or
b) find a place that fits into my idea of a space that's conducive to creative thinking. I'm thinking huge boards to tack on tearsheets, white shelves to put my coffee table books onto, and white gadgets {the new MBP is calling me, then again I also want a 27" iMac}. But until a couple more months of planning, my current workspace would have to do.

Some of the workspaces that I've been drooling on are:

Abby Larson of Style Me Pretty:

Jessica Sutton of Jessica Sutton Designs:

Marina Larroude,

Erin Gates of Erin Gates Design

Too dreamy for words, yes? but right now, these would have to do:

My room's walls has always been Tiffany blue but I seriously want some butter yellow walls or white.

All you need is love <3

This is the side that should have just housed issue upon issue of InStyle and W Magazine {all under the red sarong} but instead became my altar of sorts with my photo and all unread books. Yes, all of those have bookmarks in them and are being alternately read every night.

My pink polka dot mousepad <3

 My "work" space at our office at BGC.

It's pretty chaotic.

And if you're wondering what brought this on, it's because of this little store I chanced upon when I've been wandering at the Archaeology wing of Powerplant Mall! Funny its name is like a pick-me-upper, too!


What does you workspace look like? Share with me? I love seeing workspaces!