The Perfect College Buddy + Campus BDJ Giveaway!

I wasn't such a chic colegiala.

Now that I'm 26 and pretty much years away from the day I graduated, I can safely say that I ditched that day of midterms of recitation of Like a Molave  for a weekend in Boracay with my parents and had a 3 for a midterm grade. I made up for it with my astonishing {yes, my professor was floored, she confessed} with a paper on F. Sionil Jose's Ermita that I still keep to this day. If I were to meet that girl that I was, I'd high five her and urge her to travel even more but maybe not miss so much tests ha ha.

While the rest of my classmates recited Like a Molave, I was in the middle of the sea in Boracay with my mom.

Looking back though, I wish that in my time, we had more options on organizers and planners. I remember having a red Hello Kitty planner {best I could do since there was nothing else} which I filled with post its, colored papers, magazine cutouts and tons of notes. I only had one brand that I wanted to use. It escapes me now but they were pretty smooth papers and the covers were all in neon. Other than that, there really wasn't so much to choose from so we all had to be creative and use our imagination for the dearth of the options.

Thankfully, when I started working, Viviamo Inc., has started to produce colorful and female-centric planners that we've all come to love, and has inspired tons of planner-makers to come up with their own:

Tara's 2010 Belle de Jour planner

Lucky are the college girls will be heading back to {or starting} university, 

because not only is the technology nowadays so on the side of students, there's also a student version of BDJ! That means, this planner will be able to help you navigate your way through crazy classes, multi-dependency projects, sem breaks, college socials, UAAP games, thesis nights and expenses, not to mention those days when you're having your period, too. I can't help but think how come this weren't in the market yet when I was in college?

Grade Tracker. I'm by no means a GC student {Grade-conscious, ha ha} but I made sure I passed all my subjects in college. Surely, grades aren't everything but employers look at how long you've been in college and how good you were in Logic {at least I do}. Ha ha.

Menstrual Tracker.  So you know when not to join a swim trip {or bring tampons} and yes, practice safe sex if you already are into that. 

Project Planner for that thesis or that big, big project you're leading.

Sem Break Plans. For that roadtrip with girlfriends!

In college, I actually climbed a mountain for our thesis and it was FUN!

And now, for the most fun part, Chronicles of Vanity and Viviamo Inc. is giving away 2 Campus BDJ Planners to two readers!


  1. Answer in the comments section, Which section of the Campus BDJ would be most beneficial to you and why?
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  5. I'll be choosing the best answersand will be announcing the winners on June 19th, 2012.
  6. Good luck!

Did you have planners in college or makeshift ones like me? Share!