Pamper Day at B & B

Beauty and Butter has been synonymous to a respite {amongst many, as it seems that is all I do} these days. Lately, the grit of the city life has been rubbing me in all the wrong ways and I am left to find ways to reverse the damage one by one, or at least to temporarily forget. In perfect Elle Woods fashion, a heroine I have not stopped liking since I saw the first Legally Blonde installment sometime in the early 2000s, a day of nail pampering will always make someone feel better.

If there's anything that's better than the actually sloughing, buffing, filing and having gorgeous nails, that would be meeting new friends, chatting over milk tea and having the whole nail thing going on. Yes, I just had my nail spa date party at Beauty and Butter!

 I finally got to meet one of my young readers, Yssa and her mom! Congratulations again with your graduation!

It was my first time in a long, long time to talk to someone fresh out of college and I couldn't help but be reminded of how I used to be just like Yssa, wide eyed with wonder on what's the world to offer. Except of course that new grads are far smarter these days {they'd take vacations first before plunging into the rat race} and less naive. I wish I was like that when I was 20!

And then there's  Pie, whom I used to work with some four years ago. It was nice catching up and thank you for sharing with me your skin secrets!

As for me, I indulged in my favorite foot treatment: The Italian Mandarin foot spa, which exfoliates and makes the legs softer with the wraps and the soak. 

Tools of the Trade

Orly's Retro Red and Orly's Gilded Coral were my choices that day.

 However, I completely adore Yssa's mix of pastels <3

Three happy girls at Beauty and Butter! I think I almost blended into the background :D {Hey, Rina, we missed you!}

Thank you, Beauty and Butter for hosting my little spa date party <3 Till the next!