Girl Things: A Benefit Night

It was a Wednesday, the month of May was creeping to an end and I, after a crazy party from the night prior, was reeling from singing with awesome local bands and an impromptu presentation. I wanted nothing more than to just lie in bed and have three masseuses knead me to oblivion so I then stepped out and gone to the nearby Spa {The Spa, of course} for 90 minutes of hilot.

I returned to my work for another round of presentations and Excel sheets and before I knew it, my iCal was beeping that I had a Benefit dinner to go to and I kind of panicked that I was stripped off of makeup and had traces of massage oil in me.

I still went to the venue {a delicious little hideaway in Burgos Circle called Sweet Bella}, and I'm happy that I did! What I expected to be the usual dinner affair bloomed into a kulang-na-lang-pajamas Slumber Party!

We actually had a roster of activities for the night <3

Benefit's got special Truth or Dare cards for those nights in with the girls!

Of course, my dare was too apt I had nothing to say to the wall even for one minute. I've forgotten how to argue! #truestory

Confession Time: Have you ever faked anything? Of course! {My answer was my hair.}

What's a girly get together without goodies to ogle?

That night, Mica {Tuano-Fuentes} refreshed my knowledge on shaping brows.

What started out as a lethargic night became one of the funnest nights I've ever been in. Thank you for waking up that side of me, Benefit! <3

When was the last time you've spent the night in with your girls?