Bye, bye, Multiply, adieu, silly memories

Before Blogger and Wordpress, there was, well, there was Diaryland but that is an entirely different story. When everyone else was crazy over Friendster {oh you know, the testimonials}, I lived on the other side of the world: Multiply.

Back in the day, digital cameras were starting to become part of our daily lives so I, with the rest of teenagers, started documenting every single thing I did back then and uploaded them on my Multiply account. Back then, uploading shallow album titles like My Weekend, Random Stuff  and some other title that doesn't relate to the contents didn't seem so weird. Ah, I must be getting old!

So here I am, in respect to closing down of the social networking part of Multiply, are some of my 'notable' photos from my teen days aka the days where hanging out merited a photo :D

One of my bestfriends {Chai} and I at the then cool hangout, Blue Wave.

I don't recall what I wanted to dress up as :D

 One of the rare times that I was doing something in the kitchen.

At an Oktoberfest somewhere.

 Testing out a friend's N90. As in the Nokia N90. Oha.

Every exchange gift equals a photo, of course. :D

 With my brother at a debutante ball.

After the Beyonce concert, when Fort still had concert grounds.

 After paintball --- why we had to have a photo when we're sweaty escapes me :D

I am posing with the towels behind me. HA.

 During my party girl days, which I can so vaguely remember now.

/end of public humiliation

That being said, in our efforts to further strengthen the Multiply platform and our services as the largest social marketplace in the country, starting December 1, 2012, we will fully transition to e-commerce and focus all of our initiatives in improving just that.
Jack Madrid
Country Manager
Multiply Philippines

I would've done the same thing if I was the president of Multiply --- would've done it even earlier than December.

As happy as I am for Multiply, I can't believe the repository of all the silly things I did is about to go away! I didn't really have to back up anything --- all the photos I had in my Multiply were in my hard drive and the blog posts I had there were silly, nothing I wanted to go back to. It's just such a comfort looking at all the layout, one I've worked hard on for so many hours, a theme I chose after so many hours and albums I've painstakingly uploaded via dial up internet.

Guess there's nothing left but to let go. {LOL}

To Multiply, I wish you all the best! I heard you're up to rival Zalora and Lazada so I wish you well and here's to making more {silly} memories!