What I Know for Sure: A Lot

Leave it to me to know everything. *insert faux sarcasm here*

The sun is shining on my face as I type this. After this week, I didn't think the sun could shine so bright after such devastation. I guess it's true when they said that the rain pours the hardest before the brightest sunshine, yes?

I'm not really here to talk about the recent flooding, which are thankfully gone --- surely, the floods have come between me and going home on Monday night, thus having had to check in at a hotel on my way, spent four cabin-fever inducing days before actually getting out --- I have nothing to complain about, really.


1. Most, if not everything that there is to know can be found in the Bible. I am in the process of relearning my Bible {through Sunday worship service} and seeing a whole new dimension of my faith and well, it's always amazing to have one or more Bible passage that you can use to uplift or inspire yourself. But in light of recent floods, here's something:

2. The past will always remind you of how far you've come. In light of recent Multiply developments, I had to read every entry in my Multiply journal, scan through old photos and instantly fall into a rabbit hole of nostalgia. I was such a rebellious, crazy, party-hardy little girl back then! I do miss a lot of the brave acts but I guess it's safe to say I've really matured in ways I've never expected. So my dear reader, if you have a Multiply account, revisit it today and discover how far you've come.

3. That said, some of your tastes will change over time. And I am talking about Apple Cider Vinegar. Brought about this article by Gala Darling, and all those years my mom talked me into trying it, I finally gave in and bought a bottle of 5% acidity ACV. Two mornings ago, I diluted a tablespoon of ACV into a half cup of water and added a pinch of honey, prepared myself to be revolted and guess what, it's not so bad after all. I am even sipping it as I type this and there are no violent reactions from my body when just 10 years ago, my day got worse when I smelled ACV from 10 feet away. I guess 10 years truly makes a difference.

Apple cider vinegar contains malic acid which makes ACV anti-viral, anti-bacterial & anti-fungal; potassium which prevents hair loss, brittle teeth & runny noses; calcium which is good for strong bones & teeth; pectin which helps to regulate blood pressure & reduce bad cholesterol; & acetic acid which slows the digestion of starch, that in turn lowers the rise of glucose after eating.

4. Waiting has its merits. Some weeks ago, I was bummed to eternity because one of my favorite LBDs' rhinestone got lost in the wash. Normally, I don't panic over this dress because I hand wash it myself but the last time I wore it, I was too tired to wash it and iron it myself that I asked the help to. As expected, the biggest rhinestone was nowhere to be found and the dress looks stupid without it. Not wanting to freak out in the loss of a really nice dress, I just kept it in my closet with plans of reconstructing the dress to remove the other rhinestones. Thankfully, the rhinestone turned up this morning and everything is right in the world again.

5. A Friday night doesn't necessarily constitute an alcoholic night. Since I've started working six years ago, every Friday night meant going out to celebrate {with beer or a glass of wine} the end of harangued working week. Last Friday, I spent the night being with close friends, relaxing at the Spa, having my brows threaded and getting good food after. It felt amazing.

My friend C and I after our session at Browhaus. Yehey, maganda na ulit tayo!

6. There is always that girl who changes your life. Watch the video below to know what I'm talking about:

7. You never know what the weather will be so be your own sunshine no matter what.

8. When you've lost everything, you gain courage

9.Create life goals and be in control.

10. Internal Locus of Control. You are in charge of what will happen to you, and it's not the other way around.

What do you know for sure?