Chronicles of Brushes: Charm Retractable Flat Top Brush

Happy, happy Friday! *blows kisses* It is the last day of August and tomorrow is first day of September and WOW it IS September!

Such a pretty day outside and here I am, sitting in front of my laptop, sipping tea. Most days, I am a happy contented girl doing this, after all, writing will always be my first love! I hope you're having a fab day, too!

Today's entry will be special, as it is about a product that's very close to my heart:

Charm Brushes! Owned and founded by my good friend, Sophie Uy, it's always a treat to be reviewing something that's so ingenue and fabulous!

Flat top brushes have always been known as the densest brush in the pack. Even back in the time when beauty enthusiasts ordered their brush stash from US-based cosmetic companies, the flat tops {as I'd like to call it} always had their fair share of fans, myself included.

As it is intensely dense, the application of foundation can be thick at first swipe --- which works well for foundation with medium to heavy coverage.

The Great:

  • When I first started using this, I was covering massive breakouts so I brought this to the office for my noon retouch. When I emerged out of the ladies' room after lunch, my friend C asked me, "Oh, what happened to you? How did you become flawless after five minutes?" True story.
  • The fact that it is retractable solves the problem of tossing the brush around your bag for fear of getting it dirty.
  • The kabuki and the stippling brushes, in my opinion, does the buffing but this one does the covering part truly well. I think that's what differentiates their 'tops.'
  • It's pink. What's not to love?
  • As I've mentioned over and over again, the Charm Retractable Flat Top Brush is intensely dense so as to pack all those mineral {or otherwise} foundation and deposit them onto the face. I find that it can buff so well and finish amazingly {I was using Maybelline's Mineral Foundation}.
  • Made of lush vegan bristles that are not harmful to the earth or to any animal.
  • I use this for both liquid and powder foundation and works well with both.
  • Sturdy packaging, sturdy bristles. I kind of subject brushes into torture when I scrub them clean every week and yet my brushes are in perfectly good shape as you can see above. 
  • Perfect for traveling!
  • Affordable at Php 600 each and available online.
  • If you're the test-first-then-buy type, you can always check it out for yourself first at the following Charm outlets: The Ramp Crossings Shangri-la & TriNoma, and Purbeauty in Serendra.

The Not-so-great:

  • None, really.

Overall: It can get kinda confusing what foundation brush to get sometimes and truly, with all the options out there, it can be overwhelming. I recommend

Charm Retractable Flat Top Brushfor that seamless, heavy coverage {like what I need these days}. If you need is a more 'airbrushed' finish and on a budget, you can opt for the other Charm options like the stippling brush and the kabuki brushes as mentioned above. But for me, this is truly the best brush to cover imperfections on any given day.

Happy, happy Friday, loves! =)