The Sound of Carefree is a Cynthia Alexander song

Today, I woke up from a bad dream. It was one of the people I'd been running away from and in my dream, I confronted this person of everything I had to and proceeded to launch into a shouting match.

Needless to say, I woke up with a racing heart and that sinking feeling yet again. To dissipate the negative feelings so early in the morning, I had been wandering all over the internet and one Cynthia Alexander song triggered a whole truckload of youthful nostalgia --- those days of waking up in the morning, being free of responsibilities, of no worries, completely no worries, of windy air and dipping toes into the pool, of knowing there's a whole lifetime ahead of us to worry --- except for today.

And for now, we will all be carefree. And to underscore today, the sound of carefree is Cynthia Alexander.

{And just in case you were curious, here are some of my favorite Cynthia Alexander  songs}


now we have come
to our hi-ways' end
run along now & carry on
embrace the changes
sanctify this distance
we're certified experienced
to do it all again
but we get what we deserve
& we pay for what we get
here is the game and
here is the cycle
while I ride my motorbykle
here is the game
& here is the cycle
while I ride my motorbykle

Comfort in your strangeness

woke up this morning

I was staring at the ceiling cracks

and roadmaps and highways and landscapes

I have seen

I have been

to places far and deep in my mind only to find

Comfort in Your strangeness

Of moving shadows when I call the wind by name

rushing Firewater in the dark of a cloud

U and I

sometimes in the dusk

when the sky bleeds certain shades

the color in between us

is the sky that binds us

never-ending you

begin on & on & on

I only know

U are for real

I wish you all a carefree weekend, too!