Review: Majolica Majorca Brow and Lash Colorist

I've stared at Grey's Antomy's Lucy Fields for so long and wondered what was wrong with her face when you can tell she's really very pretty.

And then after a couple of episodes, I knew: for a blonde, her eyebrows sure were very dark. And disturbingly so.

While I am certain I am no blonde and my hair color preferences have changed over and over for so many years, the thing about lighter eyebrows have been a permanent issue I address every makeup application. Prior to discovering MAC Girl Boy, I didn't know of any other way to lighten up brows, save for actually having them colored.

When I first saw the Majolica Majorca Brow and Lash Colorist at a dinner with Cathy, the girls and I exclaimed: "May dupe na ang Girl Boy!"

How did it fare?

Majolica Majorca's Brow and Lash Colorist comes in two colors: BR555 - Maroon Brown {above} and BR 333 - Vanilla Brown. A tube is Php 595.

See that brush? It's perfect for the brows and is actually better than the Girl Boy's brush!

The Great:

  • I used the product on my eyebrows on top of my brow powder and it didn't fail to provide to lighten the brows up.
  • With a slimmer and more tapered brush, the product is deposited onto the brows better versus MAC's Girl Boy which has a bigger brush and is harder to control.
  • BR 555 seems a perfect fit though I don't mind a lighter one. Have yet to swatch BR 333!
  • Water and sweatproof --- I've done crazy workouts after office, from yoga to ab workouts and my brows stayed put!
  • No weird cosmetic smell.
  • Inexpensive at Php 595 and available at Majolica Majorca counters {my fave being the one in SM Makati}.
  • No irritations for me but don't forget to check with your skin first if you have any allergic reactions to any product.
  • Perfect sizing -- not too big that by the nth month, product is all dried out.
  • I didn't use this on my brows so I can't say anything about that function.

The not so great:

  • I am not a fan of clear boxes with too many graphics but I guess this Shiseido sister company is attracting the younger girls. Shucks I'm a lola.
  • Exclusively Japanese text. Would've been nice to be able to read the directions in the box.
  • I'd really love an even lighter one, but I am confused cos BR333 looks much darker in the photos. Hopefully they come out with lighter shades in the future!


Like I've been saying and doing in this post, Brow and Lash colorist can pass off as a MAC Girl Boy dupe but not thoroughly so. I love the fact that it covers up the brows cleanly and evenly with color. I guess because I'm a big fan of truly light brows that I wished there was a lighter shade but MM Brow and Lash Colorist lived up to its hype and promise. Browner brows that stayed put all day! Perfect and economical at Php 595! I'd recommend this product to anyone looking to lighten up the eye brows!

Tried this Majolica Majorca product yet? What do you think?