Things I Love Sundays: Dolce Far Niente

... or more commonly known as the art of doing nothing.

Prior to the {long} weekend hitting the calendars, I had all sorts of plans of things to do during the four-day weekend: catch up on rather a long list of blog backlogs, give away clothes that don't fit me anymore, read more Bible verses {am currently doing a one-a-day Psalm reading}, cleaning {always a weekend chore for me, I LOVE cleaning}, arranging my busting-at-the-seams library, take care of so many documents I need to look at this weekend and yet ... all I did was sleep, have a rom-com marathon, and sleep again.

I must've been so sleep-deprived this week. But nevertheless, here is a list of things I am loving, and being very thankful for this Sunday.

24-hour sleeps. Impromptu lunches.Tweed jackets. Handwritten letters.

Serendipity and my eleven-year long relationship with this rom-com. Desserts that come before dinner. Being able to practice yoga and very beautifully, too. 

Having friends to hang out with before braving the payday traffic. Amaretto Sour. Malibu Pineapple. And a cocktail a day.

Please Me.

The really, really awesome weather Manila has been having. August specials and food that do not appear on the menu just yet.

Making it on time before seeing a yellow-clad MAPSA guy. #codingThursdays And by time I mean being at the office at 6:30 AM. Professional vanity. Financial vanity . Health vanity and neutral colors. One Direction and this song. *can't believe I am admitting this* Wellness Wednesdays. My shu uemura Chocolat Donna palette --- so gorgeous and lovely to use! Facepalm moments with the BGF.

Suits 2x09 --- "I cannot be me without you," Harvey Specter to Donna. Spice Girls and Mrs. Beckham. This never fails.

I may have found my newest signature scent.

 Jackfruit Chips. Thanks, Joub!

Drop Dead Diva and the fact that this may have been somehow my life. LOL, cryptic much.

Morning rituals --- how come no one told me being a morning person is much more fun than being a nocturnal one?

Despite the inconvenience and trouble of all of it, it's good to know someone is fighting for you. 

I do hope your week was as gratifying as mine. Have an even brighter week ahead, girls!