Have your kanin and eat it, too

I wish there was a more euphemistic way of putting it but I don't: I eat kanin like a kargadora. And I bear no intention to offend kargadors. 

A bandehado-ful of rice goodness that I happily ate at Brampton, ON because I was starving for rice.

Because after I am done with my workouts, there is nothing more I crave for than a plate-ful of white rice {always white, I only eat brown when I am not too hungry}, over steaming soup, a serving of seafood or chicken.

In the afternoons, Tita V, a colleague, sells champorado via the coop at work so I have that for an afternoon snack and it was only lately that I thought: Kanin for lunch, kanin for merienda?

I cannot deny how Asian that is!

While I am not one to encourage going on a dieting spree, there are other, far more doable things we can do to lessen the rise of weight because of rice, as I have been doing the past few weeks.

It was the launch of the A Life! Control supplement, a supplement that aimed to block off carbohydrates when taken five minutes before consuming rice {amongst other things}.

A!life Control is a breakthrough supplement that has Phase 2™, an all-natural white bean extract proven by multiple clinical studies to minimize the absorption of carbohydrates. This patented white kidney bean extract reduces the caloric impact of starchy foods while lowering one’s glycemic index. Used in conjunction with a sensible diet and exercise, this carbohydrate blocker can also assist in weight control. Taken 5-10 minutes before a carbohydrate-loaded meal, a woman can now be in control of her carbohydrate absorption.

You see, there is no shortcut to losing rice bellies but there is always a way of controlling them. As for me, since I've entered the late twenties' bracket, I've taken other preventive measures to effectively manage my carb intake, not eliminate because we still need this for our activities --- and I'm sharing them below:

  • Yoga. It's been more than a year and yoga has effectively managed my weight gain and steadied my balance, my hunger pangs and my emotional wellbeing. 
  • Walk. You know what they say about sitting down being a killer? Same goes for sitting down a contributor to weight gain {standing up helps in digestion} --- so walk a few meters every now and then during your break and see how it helps.
  • Small portions, please. I don't know about you, but I don't partake in eat-all-you-can fares. I don't like wasting food so I only get small portions {if it's a buffet}, ala carte are almost always small-portioned so I don't run the risk of eating beyond my hunger pangs. This has definitely helped in maintaining a small tummy.
  • Skip the beer and the sugary drinks. I know wine is an acquired taste but I've learned to stick to it since I discovered it to be the healthiest alcohol {compared to San Mig Light and calorie-ridden cocktails} so I end my meals with a glass of it, sometimes two. Plus it doesn't contribute to having a belly.
  • Fiber. Time and again, our parents and our nutritionist always tell us to eat more fruit and veggies and that is always for good reason: to eliminate fat, contribute to digestion and better nutrition value.

 That's ShenDianaMartha {one of the A! Life ambassadors, guy from Pascual Labs {hello there, sorry I forgot your name} and me at Cerchio, Tomas Morato, during the launch.

What I Wore: Top : The Ramp Skirt: City of Vintage Shoes: SM Parisian Accessories: H&M

How do you manage your carb intake? Share with me!

Reminder: For any supplement review, best to ask your physician first before taking it, just to be safe =)
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