Don't Get Mad. Get Even.

The popular line above could very well be a line lifted from the mother of all revenge shows, Revenge. I could very well remember how I caught one episode of it and concluded it's not for me --- it had way too much organized revenge in every episode, way too much for my simplistic and forgiving {naks} mind could allow.

Madeleine Stowe as Victoria Grayson.  Image: Rolling Stones | I would stick to just Gossip Girl, thankyouverymuch.

While nothing to do with completely intertwined love stories and plots of destruction and revenge, I once again came across the phrase one afternoon when I had lunch with several of Manila's beauty bloggers during the Gluta C, a new serum for getting those dark spots even.

Now, before I get flak for blogging about whitening products, allow me to tell you why I am supporting this: it is whitening for the parts of the body which get dark due to a number of reasons, friction being a major reason. Wanting whiter kili kili is only normal --- and it is not something to be ashamed of. I sincerely hope that no one judgy is reading this entry because I'm going to admit how vain I am when it comes to my underarms and bikini area.

  • I use anti aging serum on my underarms and a heavy moisturizer on my bikini area.
  • I only wear boy leg underwear if I not seamless ones --- for fear of getting my bikini area darker. And even then, they are not as even as I want them to be.
  • I don't shave --- only wax or plucking because I abhor the idea of blades running to and fro my skin.
  • And now, just before deodorant, I use Gluta C underarm and bikini gel.

Ah, vanity.

But the thing is, it matters to us that we have even skin. It matters that we will be able to raise our arms {in sleeveless dresses, too} when we toast with champagne, when we serve in volleyball, during worship, in college recitations, or anywhere we need to {for me, I did it during the launch HAHA}. It is not hypocritical to want something to make us all feel more confident in life, yes?

And for Php 200 {roughly USD 4.50}, it is an inexpensive way to get even-toned underarms. Some photos from the fabulous Gluta C launch:

MoMo's refreshingly sweet concoction of peaches and oranges dissolved my stress. 

MoMo's Country Fried Chicken was a little on the dry side, I ended up not finishing my meal.

I didn't get the memo -- and wore gray to an event that called for orange dress code.

Orange you glad?

My KPOP star friend Michelle {hehe, am kidding but she does look Korean!} and I.

A group photo, of course :D

Any underarm issues? Share your best practices, please? =)
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