Kate Spade Dreams

I wish I had the heart to splurge on Kate Spade things.

You know when you start identifying yourself with a brand for all its DNA, hopes and dreams and everything that it stands for? I feel that for Kate Spade. I have been in love with Kate Spade's quilted bags for the longest time. I've dreamt of such living in color that I can dream in 3D now. The problem is I haven't had the heart to splurge on the fanciful, colorful totes, the witty clutches or even the iPhone cases that will put joy onto my face every single time.

But that doesn't mean I can't blog about them :D

Some of the Kate Spade things I'm loving --- especially when they released their Garance Dore line. I am just too amused and bedazzled by her!

One day I'll have the courage. {UPDATE: That day has arrived.}
*All photos are owned by Kate Spade.