How to Tickle a Girl's Fancy

Being a girl {first} and a marketer/communicator second, I am always, always on an analysis spree whenever I get invited at makeup/product launches, new branches, press junkets and more. It's a habit to know why people, most specifically women, are going gaga over a new product {rarely an original but no one is complaining} and why hordes of girls succumb to hype.

And then I found myself one afternoon at the newly-opened Benefit store at Rustan's Makati, head swirling, giggling like a school girl, posing for every camera that stops to take a photo {feelingera, HAHA} and taking notes with friends. I'd been to Benefit stores and ogled many a Benefit product, wished I had her pun wisdom but I have to admit that their new complexion, lip and cheek kits are the new stars of the show! I've often wondered how Benefit can make their patrons excited every now and then and then this happened. That, is how a girl's fancy is tickled beyond belief.

 Pretty girls in taranta mode what Benefit product to get because as always, Benefit never fails to dazzle everyone with their nice product names and packaging!

The thing about them is that they group star products into one theme, create a palette around it and provide loyal Benefit patrons with a sampling of each of it, in smaller sizes, to create a look that even a newbie cannot go wrong with, and in such cutie pie packaging, too!

Tropicoral ---  featuring the delightfully pretty Coralista lipgloss and Cha Cha Tint!

Sugarlicious  and the art of the nude makeup, featuring Sugarbomb.

 A little less orange-y than Tropicoral but nonetheless gorgeous is Feelin' Dandy.

For that smooth, seamless, smooth, poreless complexion, the How to Look the Best at Everything {guised as a book} is your best bet. How adorbs!

Aside from the super nice pink packaging, this kit comes with a tube of Porefessional {a lifesaver, always!}, Hello! Flawless Foundation, Boi-ing and Lemon Aid for our chismis  and Some Kind a Gorgeous  foundation.

Not to fret, medium-complexioned girls! This set is for you, too, in Tiffany blue.

Happiness is three kinds of concealers.

So us eye non-experts will have it easier done than said.

And this would probably be my super, ultra favorite, cos of the postcard packaging: Cabana Glama, for that bronze, just-stepped-out-of-a-tropical-vacation look.

Can't decide which one is my favorite {but I am carting that How to Look Best kit in Fair} and well, if you're one two of my lucky friends, you know I like giving them as gifts cos they're just perfect for that!

Sharing with you, too, my outfit of the day:

Top: Alexane by SM
Skirt: Poisonberry
Flats: March
Satchel: H&M 
...and my cotton candy! =)

What are you getting from the Benefit Complexion, Lip and Cheek Kits?