Things I Love Sundays: Forever, Gratitude

Some days, it feels impossible to be thankful.

Those are the days when you are bereft of any trace of happiness --- those are the days when your chest literally feels like it will explode and there will be days when you feel all alone and you feel like crying in the middle of the day or hiding home with a tub of popcorn and a bottle of merlot.

But some days, you gather it all in you, and it will even feel normal, natural, to be grateful. It is a tough thing to be in, tough thing to do, a cacophony of ironies, if you will. It is a miracle of miracles to be blessed with a grateful heart most days if not daily --- it is a shame not to put it out here for all the world to see so here it is, to remind anyone who is reading this that it is after all, possible to be thankful and happy despite sad faces and moments of doubt.

The capacity to forgive. Comfort in the most unusual places. Answered prayers. Free car fresheners and all sorts of car washes. A smiling stranger. Skincare that is making me look human again.

Yummy cocktails of scents and sugar. YUM!

Wine appreciation class. French accents. Bordeaux. Cynthia Alexander. The National.

The courage to sip tea alone. TEA. Long talks with my girl friend. Long chats with S. Champagne lunches. Standing your ground. Never losing focus on what matters. More answered prayers. 

Midweek Mojito.

And 2-for 1 margaritas.

The Truth.

 How to be Audrey Hepburn.

Can't wait to finish my review for this wonderful anti-hairfall concoction from  Nanny Rose! SIGNS, oh gosh SIGNS. Never believed signs meant anything at all until you see one and they look at you glaring with direction. Trust in the magic and mystery of human relations.

I am trembling in excitement for the changes in my life --- it is all so surreal, so all consuming, such a beautiful feeling to be nursing in the heart.

I am asking for your prayers, my dearest readers!

So dearest Highest Power, thank you for making me feel this wonderful butterflies-in-my-stomach feelings and I trust in You to grant me that feeling even more!