Chronicles of a {Dashing} Diva

I'm the biggest diva I know. And I don't mean that in a nice, songbird kind of way.

To give you a glimpse of who I am in real life: I am nitpicky with people I deal with, I can count how many minutes a person is late if I am on time but I will charm your socks off if I am late. I can write a litany of complaints if I am in one my whiny spells and I will refuse to do something if I feel like not doing something. I will ignore a person just because I have nothing good to say to that person {wait, isn't that a noble thing? LOL}. I will take my time in doing my thing even if you rush me {for whatever reason other than it is a matter of life and death or if I gave you my word for it} and give you my signature blank stare. I will wait for an empty elevator because sometimes I don't like spending time and close proximity with strangers.

Yes, I can be quite the diva --- though my friends can attest that I am not like this all the time. I swear =P No really, I can be diva-ish and I will not lead you to believe I am a nice person in real life. I can be emo as evidenced by my What I Know For Sure posts but yes, I am quite the diva. I realized that there was no point in hiding who I was because people will stop being your friends or walk all over you anyway whether you act the way you do or be your kindest version so why not act the way you want to? In my case, if I am not comfortable accepting what is in front of me, or what is being handed to me, I refuse to accept it as it is and focus my attention to people and things I can respect and vice versa. Cos you know --- what you tolerate, you can never change.

That's my version of being a diva. I have never been a goody-two-shoes and I still am not so I guess I'd accept calling myself a diva instead!

That is a whole lot of diva in a paragraph. What gives, you ask?

Today, I spent a good hour spewing off negative vibes I've gotten from a meeting. And while it had very little to do with the grand scheme of things of my life or my career, I chose to spew things I now regret saying. I didn't hurt anyone --- that's what I know. But entertaining bad, angry vibes is like eating a lot fatty food. It feels nice while you're doing it but it makes you feel bloated and burpy and un-healthy after. Maybe I should've really just gone to Dashing Diva {my relaxing break and inspiration for this post} after that meeting. I discovered it last week when I went to the Muji/Gap building and at the third floor was the newly opened Beauty Bar! Didn't realize there was a Dashing Diva inside and I almost squealed in joy cos at BGC, there's hardly a reputable nail salon to go to and DD was an answer to my and my officemates' prayers.

I was in the throes of rush work and I wanted to collapse onto the nearest couch when I realized I could go crash at the couch at Dashing Diva instead where I had a spoiled diva pedi. It started with a warm soak, a scrub, a long time of sloughing, some more electronic Clarisonic-esque cleaning and finally a pedi. It felt good!

Here are lots of photos! 

My diva-break mates:  Martha,  Liz,  Marianne and  Jel and  Denise who were at CBTL grabbing coffees :)

The scrub removed my dry skin and callouses, on top of the scrubbing and filing.

I loved that Dashing Diva uses long-stemmed brushes to perfect the nail application and that they provide carton flip flops if you forget your rubber flip flops!

The Beauty Junkee and I  going around in our makeshift flipflops while having our pedis dry.

One can go around and wander around the well-lit interiors while waiting and every girl will feel like a kid in a candy store just by looking at the products!

 Well-designed products always catch my fancy.

... as well as cutie ones.

Funny when I came in, they still had stock of Kuma Concealer #2 and on my way out, there's none!

That ends my confessions of being a diva --- what are yours? Happy Friday! xx

Beauty Bar and Dashing Diva are located at the 3rd Floor Gap Building (above Muji), Bonifacio High Street, Taguig.

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