It's a bad day, not a bad life

There really are just bad days, said my friend as I snacked on grilled quail eggs and poured myself another Cerveza Negra.

Despite being completely calm, collected and smiling, I let my guard down for a minute to recognize everything I didn't get in recent memory. I told her --- how do you get what you want? Do you have to want it very badly and exhaust yourself to the point of collapse or just stop wanting it altogether?

And that was she said, that some days are really just going to be bad days --- and no further explanations.

So to you, the thing I want so much, the traveling opportunity I missed, to the Madonna concert I was supposed to go to, to the position I want but can't seem to get, to the item I've been window shopping but can't afford yet, to the family lunches and dinners I never have when I need them, to the dessert I lost in my refrigerator, to the chances I fight for till I'm exhausted and yet there was nothing --- you'll all just be a part of a bad day that's gone by.

And after this I will forget you.