{FOTD} Standard Operating Procedures

What's your standard operating procedure?

Prior to this entry, I seemed to have a standard busy day, that I could still afford to take photos of myself and things I did. I don't know if the schedule gods have been watching or reading this blog but if it had been possible at all, my schedule blew up to 10x busier -- in a good way.

It is a philosophy to never get out of the door looking like I just jumped out of the bed. My friends at work know this well: "Ikaw lang naman ang fully made up na pagdating ng office eh, lahat kami naka-shades pa."

And it is true --- because I never really know when I have to smile my winningest smile to the police, to a possible client, to a cute guy {LOL, whatevs}, to an agent,

or if I suddenly need to appear on a viral-video-in-the-making doing goodness what kind of dance. Plus, a very old and very applicable motto resides in my mind:

How you look and present yourself is your level of respect for the people you meet throughout the day. I never dare look like a slob.

The thing is: nothing is ever sure as to what's going to happen so best to be prepared.

And true it can be exhausting to think of color combinations in the morning so I sort of have this formula in the morning when I switch to it autopilot so I don't have to think of color combinations anymore.

I was up for a bunch of meetings peppered throughout my day so I couldn't do outrageous colors like orange and green --- not because I don't think they're apt for the workplace --- it's because if I meet up with women and I'm wearing complicated eyeshadows, we always end up talking about it instead of the topic at hand. Ha ha. #Truestory

In this particular post, I reached for my favorite shu uemura Chocolat Donna palette which are very office-lighting-friendly and always a joy to use because shu uemura eyeshadows are just so finely milled it makes all the difference in the world of blending.

Methinks it's a day-to-night kind of palette, this Chocolat Donna.

House of Obagi
Clenziderm Line
VMV Armada Face SPF 45

Revlon Mineral Mousse Foundation
Kuma Concealer #1
Maybelline Mineral Foundation
Sugarbomb Blush

shiseido brow pencil in brown
Majolica Majorca Brow and Lash Colorist in BR 555
Maybelline Volum Express Cat Eyes

1) I used this to color my entire lid with a flat eyeshadow brush

2) The 'raspberry' shade of the palette was the one I used as the lid break but was too light for my taste so I added some more of the

3) color using my Charm blending brush. I finished the eye look with a dash of the

4) color on the middle of the lid to make it pop and to create the illusion of a non-flat eye.

Kiehl's #1 Lip Balm in Mango 
shu uemura rouge matte supreme in BG 931

What's your standard operating procedure?
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