On Harvey Specter, Life Lessons and Belle De Jour

Happy Sunday, my loves!

I'm so sleepy. Is it just me or is it automatically sleepy-inducing more if there are things that you have to do for the day? All I want to do right now is crawl back to my bed and sleep the day off but here I am on the second half of the weekend with a long list of to do.

Before I dive into my massive task list though, I want to share with you something I've been working on for a while, contributing to Belle de Jour's Blog Circle {which is really just tip of the iceberg but more on that next time}. It is a blog of the girls behind the massively successful Belle de Jour planner and as y'all know, I've been a loyal user since the planner started seven years ago. If you come to my home, you will see my BDJs from years ago lined up like an encyclopedia.

Some of the best and most inspiring things I have learned from these girls and I felt like I needed to give back and thankfully, they accepted it! =)

But anyway. My first post for BDJ Blog Circle is ironically, about what I learned from my TV boyfriend, Harvey Specter. I felt weird that I was digressing a bit from the blog's ultimate theme from my POV: girl power, but I think I found a way to make it work. I hope.

So here is an excerpt of my post for BDJ Blog Circle and I do hope you check it out.

Have a fantastic Sunday, everyone!
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