Rajo Laurel for SM Parisian Shoes

Brace yourself, this is a long one.

But first ---- hoping you all are feeling great and well today! Today's the first of October and I can smell really nice things happening today and for the rest of the month! It's a little drizzly this morning {all the more it's a battle to get up from the bed ha ha} but a girl's gotta do what she oughta to and more. I'm still a bit dazed and my eyes are still swollen from crying from last night's screening of Perks of Being a Wallflower but nothing makeup can't fix!

And today, we talk about Japanese-inspired shoes.

Fashion designers and department store brands have all been the rage in the last five years. We've all heard of when Lanvin teamed up with H&M, when Mulberry did that with Target and Alice and Olivia with Payless. Most of those never reached the shores of Manila so I am quite the happy girl that we have our own version of that: Rajo Laurel x Parisian x Milanos(the men's line of shoes of SM).

I was lucky to have been one of the first ones to witness the unveiling of his Japanese collection, his second for SM Parisian. Over the years, Parisian has definitely evolved and look at these now! The shoes are beyond gorgeous I already knew what I wanted from afar! I've always wanted to go back to Tokyo after all the movies and the trips and the colorful culture that they have. I'm saving up for it but for now, I'm thankful I'm brought to Japan by Japanese-inspired shoes!

The show had Japanese drummers, dancers, sake was served and sushi rolled.

The event's host was Raymond Gutierrez.

 Gorgeous models strutted the runway in Japanese glam and everything, I mean everything was Japanese-themed. Even the drinks and the food!

 I wish Rajo would come out with something like these dresses, too!

 After the fashion show, we all had a chance to buy our pair! But first, see who I spotted at the fashion show slash party:

 Former Cosmo.ph Managing Editor and currently Krstn.com's Lifestyle Editor, Trixie Reyna

 Fellow Garden Party-er and my shots, Jheng Santos of Iambrigitte.com {We look like a garden party, that is why}

Miss KT herself, and my dream wedding gown designer, Kate Torralba. ... and while shopping:

 This is gorgeous but I didn't end up carting it.

 Guess who got this pair?

 Yup, the pretty Angela Nepomuceno snagged a pair of gold dainty heels.

 As for me, I carted a pair of Kabuki heels which were love from far sight.

Top: Betty by SM Ladies' Wear
Tank top: H&M
Skirt: H&M
Shoes:Nine West

 EOTD of the day and night using my favorite neutral The Body Shop palette.

And for you curious cats, here is the complete roster of shoes in the Rajo Laurel x Parisian x Milanos collection:

Congratulations, Rajo and SM! Thank you for putting Filipinas even more fashion-forward and global!

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