Review: L'oreal Mythic Oil

The search for products to accentuate gorgeous hair will never end, that much is true.

It's a beautiful Tuesday and much as I'd like to spend the day ogling hair products, I've only got less than an hour to tell you all about this magnificent creation that has been helping me tame frizzies and dry-looking hair.

I discovered this mythical oil when I was at Freshaire Salon in Market Market and while girls with normal (healthy) hair would say it doesn't make a difference when hair is blow dried, hair products made so much difference to mine. It must be all the processes I've subjected this hair, no?

Prior to using the L'oreal Mythic Oil, I've only used Dove Nourishing Oil {and Kerastase Oleo Curl some years ago} which was helpful but tends to evaporate by afternoon leaving my hair dry and drier-looking.

That was the problem, you see. Curls will be tame and the hair looks moisturized by morning and yet look entirely disheveled by afternoon when it's incredibly important just in case there will be a cute guy who steals a look (no one does really, but you never know).

Mythic Oil Rich Oil can be used as a pre blow-dry conditioner on shampooed, towel-dried hair, for easier styling and added control, or as a luxe finishing touch for an anti-frizz taming effect. Source

So I took it for a test and here are my thoughts on L'oreal Mythic Oil in bullets:

  • Lightweight. I used to use this drugstore brand (starts with the letter S) and while it did the job of taming the frizz, it left my hair heavy and unnatural. Parang oil ng niyog, it was. Thankfully, Mythic Oil was not like that. I tossed my hair up and down after spreading a pinch onto half-dry hair.
  • Light, almost unnoticeable scent. Would've been nice if it smelled a wee bit yummier but I don't mind that there's just a faint scent. At least it doesn't smell funky or odd. Mythic oil contains rice bran oil and argan oil so you know that's good stuff for you.
  • No itchiness, no allergies, no dandruff --- or whatever nasty thing one can encounter from a bottle of a hair product.
  • Professional Level. This product is available only at select Salons (mostly David's, Bench Fix Salons and mall-based salons). I noticed as it was used on me, too! And you know in salons, they don't use sub-par products so that you'll always come out with perfect hair.
  • When you want natural hair, this is it. I kind of have a hierarchy of hair products and most of the time, this is what I reach for. Mythic Oil is for my nothing-too-special-days-but-you-never-know-if-you-will-meet-the-love-of-your-life days. Heh, pretty much every day.
  • Useful for both straight and curly hair. See below:
  • The only pimple on the complexion though is that it is at Php 995 a bottle which is steep. Then again (and this should be my motto LOL): You get what you pay for.

 Overall Recommendation: For salon-perfect hair, this is a product that does the job.

What's your take on salon-level products?
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