What I Know For Sure: Space

How often can we take a break from our lives? Sometimes, it's just nice to shut off everything and spend the day in absolute quiet.


I know I hadn't posted this section --- and I'd been receiving requests and encouraging emails to ask me to post more. I am thankful, girls! Sometimes, though, I feel weird to be having all these realizations in month's distances, sometimes weeks. How many times can a girl think of coming-of-age-ish, sunrise-breaking things and yet not settle into a free-floating situation in daily life?

That's right --- not too many. So here are some of my realizations over the week that was. I hope you find them useful, too --- and maybe make you feel better the way it did me when life taught me these lessons.

1. Space is precious. How many times does one want to scream I need space! in a span of two weeks? I don't know about you but that seemed to be the theme of the past weeks. I was bordering on anti-social, I purposefully stayed away from conversations I absolutely did not have to be in, got extremely annoyed at people ringing the doorbell, calling my home phone and knocking on my door, and spent a minute staring into space when talked to.

So that was when I realized, that no matter how alone I was most of the time, I still needed my space and in this time and age, space is expensive that comes with a price to pay.

2. How you do anything is how you do everything. {Derek Sivers/Kaylee Masury} The other day, I carefully corrected someone via a social networking site that the quote she was sharing was not by a certain On the Road author but rather by a visionary. She must've been annoyed that I was rather being a literary Nazi because she told me that it was not the point and that the point was the message {which was a popular quote, actually} and that no one cares about who said what anyway.

Well, if there's anything at all, one small act, and all the little acts we do is what builds our character. No matter how hard it is, it is always worth being mindful of the little things we do.

3. Just be honest. For how many days, I'd been conflicted with how to say something in the most tactful, non-lie way and while the intention was good, it just didn't fly with me and I don't like lying {who does, but we do it anyway}. So I decided to just be honest and I had a good night's sleep.

4. What you indulge in, or tolerate, you cannot change. I realize I learned the same thing when I heard this statement during worship. But then, I just realized it wasn't just bad things we tolerate, it was those things that we indulge --- things that seem harmless until you get fed up. A good friend supplied the answer when I wondered how it happened and she said, "Because you indulge in it." And so I stopped to change the habit that seemed harmless at first.

5. You get the love that you think you deserve. Yes, I'd been watching Perks of Being a Wallflower and yes I loved it and anyone who's experienced shitty things would react to that and would try to live by that statement.

And these, these are the things I know for sure.
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