Travel to Find Him; Travel to Find Yourself

I remember it was a Saturday that I was feeling out of it --- and my friend Sophie had picked me up from my home to celebrate another friend's birthday. It was one of those moments where I was in a funk on so many things and my friend cheered me up with her words of wisdom:

That's what I realized, you know, that when I travel, I realize how small I am in this gigantic world. I see God in the faces of strangers, in the flight of birds against the shores, in the boulders that line the horizon. I am just so thankful.

And then it was I who was thankful, for having friends who share with me their profound learning about traveling {if you remember this, too, that's why}. I'm not one to articulate thoughts about wanderlust at the break of dawn, and if you must know, I still haven't packed as I typed this. But here I am, inspired by my friends who've followed their wanderlust, those who pack their bags to explore, to brave new lands, to spend hard earned money on things that give so much more than money can buy --- I guess wanderlust has that many an effect to me.

I'm on way yet to another place so vastly different from where I grew up. I've seen it before albeit differently and I am excited to immerse in it with fresh new perspective, in my own company, with an open heart and a lot of faith. Every travel is a chance to thank Him --- and here I am yet again with that chance.

I'm excited to be a little girl in a big, big world, with big, big bags and multiple layers of clothing.
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