Things I Know For Sure: Change in Perspective

It has been quite the transforming week as I have been coming to terms with a lot of things, contemplating the moments that pass every single day. It had been rewarding, it's been new, it's been clear --- I can only be grateful for everything that I've been having.

1. "You deserve everything as much as I do." This is a sentence I've been repeating to myself every nth second in my life this week. Believe it or not, it has changed the way I looked at things, at people I interact with including every single car driver in front of me. Unbeknownst to many, I have road rage on most days, I hate every single driver in my way and every person crossing the street. Changing the way I see strangers has changed the way I treat them and my driving hours --- as I finally spare myself from unnecessary stress. On top of the stress, a change in that kind of perspective makes one act kindly towards another ---- to act as how one would want to be treated, striking off any notion that "I deserve this so I'll keep it to myself instead of giving it to you." This complements some of my learnings from last week and applying it in driving, in looking at people you meet at meetings, people whom you talk to, people who cross the road last minute --- it changes my entire perspective and looking at everyone equally and just like our own ---

2. Everything is in a form of transition. I owe this thinking to Wayne Dyer, whose book You'll See It When You Believe It has been a constant resident in my bed and of my Instagram feed. Dyer shares how he's avoided all the negativity --- by thinking these too, shall pass as we are all in a state of transition anyway.

3. It is where it should be. One super early morning of 4 AM, I was frantic that my favorite silk belt was nowhere to be found. No one likes losing things and especially when there is only one thing that will fit your entire ensemble. Instead of ranting on the help that she might have lost it, I kept my cool and just got out of my house in another belt. Thank goodness I didn't throw a tantrum because said belt turned up when I returned.

Consequently, there were some things I've lost, maybe forever, I don't really know. All I know is no one ever really owns anything in this world and when it goes away --- the only thing to remember is that it is where it should be.

4. Choose the path of least resistance. How guilty are we of persevering for things? Of course that is something we remind ourselves in the face of adversities and trying times but --- has it ever crossed your mind that it's not what is for you? Has it occurred to you that maybe the universe is trying to tell you something, leading you somewhere else? It wasn't easy -- and there was a lot of second guessing on my part but when I chose some paths with the least blockage -- that was when I finally saw happiness and contentment.

5. You are a child of God / The Universe / A Higher Being. There was this story the pastor from my church told us. It was when he saw a pack of Pop Rocks while in the grocery and thought it was his son's favorite candy. He bought it, took it home and when he gave it to his four year old son, his eyes grew big. His son was too elated and asked if he did it because he was a good kid and the pastor said, "No, I'm giving it to you because you're my son." Truth be told, I have forgotten what it felt like to be someone's daughter, and to get something just because {of course I do but I am also a drama queen har har}. The biggest lesson from that story was that sometimes we forget that God is a god who doesn't need a list of good deeds from us before He can give us the things we want. You are His daughter and you will get his grace because you are you.

6. You get what you give back to the world. 

What do you know for sure?
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