What Makes a Man Pogi?

I don't think I've been asked this question since high school. *giggles*

Really being awesome at sports and looking physically attractive would probably be the top two qualifications for a guy to become crush ng bayan material at least to me and the entire high school female populace back in the wonderful world of high school. I remember the jocks from my high school and every girl always swooned for the basketball team captain. I know I did! *giggles again*

Devon Sawa was my generation's ultimate crush. Who was yours? But of course, being almost 27 now, having met all sorts of boys in life, I have re-defined my definition of someone pogi. This might still be superficial but I honestly don't give much thought to what's pogi or what's not anymore as much as I did, say, when I was 12. It's been more than double my age since!

So whom do I think is pogi now? There's no name I can think of right now and honestly, this is a subjective matter to think of but I think in general, we, women, have these unspoken bullets of characteristics we only talk about during spa sessions, away from male ears. Hopefully, I'm not breaking the female code by spilling these :D

  • Smells really clean. A boy may not have the most matangos nose but he can enter a room, pass in front of you and sweep you off your feet with the whiff of his cleanliness.
  • To actually be clean. Some girls like their boys dirty and some girls like them clean. I like a boy who's clean {facial hair, exempt}, has clean fingernails, clean shoes and cleans after himself. I bet that's a lot of clean in a sentence :D I once gave a boy I liked blotting sheets because I liked him but he tended to get oily ha ha :D
  • A man who reads and can engage me in a conversation about fiction lovers {ergo, if we can date a fictional character, who?} is pogi. Don't judge. =P Pogi is someone who would know who Milan Kundera is and what Haruki Murakami Bingo would mean.
  • Pogi is the man who can laugh at himself. No explanations needed.
  • {and of course, the obviously more important ones} Shares the same faith as I do, puts God above all else.
  • And is kind to everyone. 

And so because I wouldn't like you to be confined with my definition of what's pogi, I asked several male friends on what makes them pogi: 

I feel pogi everyday.
I feel pogi when I'm with my wife.
I feel when I wear my slim fit jeans and tight shirt.
- TJ
 I modulate my voice.
 I feel pogi when there's something exciting about my future.
- DP

My male friends, offline, would always ask me for tips on grooming and so if any guy is reading this post, here are some products from our friends from Nivea you might want to consider next time you're going to look pogi for your lady loves! Believe me, taking care of yourself is one big chunk of being pogi!

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After cleansing, don't forget to moisturize!

If you're a guy, what makes you pogi?
If you're a girl, what makes a man pogi?
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