What I Know For Sure: Give

All I know is that when you badly need something, the best way to get it is to give it away first.

I didn't realize how selfish I was until I came to a point that I had been doling out things, time, resources that I would otherwise keep to myself. I always thought that everything I had in me were things I badly needed to keep because I was always dearth of so and so. This might sound a little pompous but I've always been selfish that generosity is something new to me. Until that time that I had nothing else to lose that I started giving most away that I have been receiving more than what I believe I deserved. It was when I eliminated the automatic response in my head of "What about me? I need that, too" that I started to receive everything I asked for. Truth is, a lot of it are thoughts placed upon me during worship. I remember Pastor Paolo saying God knows what you need so always trust. And trust I did. I remember that visiting Pastor from Christchurch, NZ. It was the time of the earthquake and the church he was discipling was in need of a car so he gave them his. Two weeks later, he received one that he had been dreaming of for so long. Of course, this is more than just asking God for material things, as I learned, even peace of mind and heart can be attained if it is freely given to those who need it.

It's too good a realization not to share.

The four day weekend gave me some time to think and for once they were nice thoughts. They were thoughts that were finally on the positive side, how everything in life has finally been coming my way again. For weeks, maybe months, all those weekends I didn't write about things I loved or things I knew for sure, I stayed away from the compose window because I was afraid my negativity would seep through the keyboards and infect anyone who read this blog. I tried limiting myself to product reviews, makeup looks and event reports because they were impersonal and I didn't need to link it to myself. But here I am now, I am finally once again energized, refreshed, happy, generous {I hope so!}, calm, rational and thinking with clarity. Thank you for this, Lord!

So over the week, I'd been thinking and here are my realizations that I hope would be of use to you too, my dearest reader someday.

1. You can get whatever you want in your life if you pray for it and put your mind into it. My friend J warned me of negative things I said when I'm annoyed. He always said that things have a way of being self-fulfilling prophecies and the Universe will not be able to determine if that's what you want or don't want so always fill your mind and lips with things you actually want. I know I've read about it from Rhonda Byrne's The Secret and whether there's a scientific explanation to it or not, it can't hurt to try! After all, yes we need to be realistic but I don't see any point in trying to dwell on what's not making us happy.

There were some things I asked for months ago and I asked God for a sign. It took me and everything else more than a month and when it finally came, it was like a lightning that went down on me while I was at an intersection waiting for a green light. It wasn't what I asked for per se but it couldn't be any clearer than what it was and for that I am beyond grateful.

Remember this sign, now and always.

2. You can get whatever you want with the right tone and pitch of voice. That said, and especially if you're talking to a member of the male species, talk in a neutral tone, don't nag, sound as if you're in a business meeting and don't go up eight octaves. 

3. Perception Management is key to anywhere. And probably one of the hardest things to work on. And while it's true that what other people think of you is none of your business, well --- let's just say it will always follow you like a shadow.

4. There will be always some bad decision that you made in the past that will haunt you. But my dearest, the only way out of it is to forgive yourself. 

5. It's really hard to be kind, but harder not to be. I always tell myself that I will try to be kind every single day but it is hard, even when there are days that I literally bite my lip so that the moment will just pass me by and I will forget whatever mean thing that I was going today but there are times that it escapes and well, there's always tomorrow. A good friend once said kindness is a struggle. I believe that but there is nothing in the world that's unachievable.

6.You are not your past, you are not your father who left you and you are not your issues. Give yourself a break and breathe and let go.

7.Take cues from the little things. I tried about three times today to book a vacation that has been on my mind lately and by some twist of fate, it wouldn't go through. And then I realized that I had one up in front of me, waiting to be worked on and the one I'd asked for more times than I did the one I tried to book. I took it as a sign.

8. The more you know what you want, the lesser things you don't want upset you. - Bill Murray / Bob Harris | Lost in Translation

9. Surprise yourself. I had the biggest {good} surprise of my life this week. Hopefully it stays this way for a long, long time.

10. There's more to life than our personal woes. And as I found out, the cure for that is to busy oneself with helping others. Really.

11. Make friends with yourself. Best idea ever.