Sign of the Holiday: Warm Gingerbread Cookie

Nothing like the scent of warm gingerbread cookie wafting throughout the room to put a grinch in the making to full-on Christmas mood.

On a quiet Sunday, just before coming to service, I dropped by one of my favorite Serendra places so I can share with you what's new with Strip Ministry of Waxing: Warm Gingerbread Cookie wax!

It feels a bit silly to be excited over a wax that does not taste like ginger nor like a cookie and truth be told, I did not know what to expect until I was right there, inside Strip's private rooms, inhaling the warm gingerbread cookie smell of the air.

I immediately had thoughts of While You Were Sleeping and that Lucy and Jack moment.

I've never felt so Christmasy in my life. I mean, wax. I gotta be really shallow sometimes.

Strip's Warm Gingerbread Wax had the same perks as the other waxes Strip had on its sleeve. Some of the pros I listed before:

  • The Interiors. Every Strip branch is different {I've been to two} and I like how the rooms do not look intimidating at all. I'm pretty sure the photos can do the talking here.


  • The Little Details. A hanger for your bottoms, a mirror so you can fix yourself after the treatment and the pre-session measures that they apply before the procedure {such as the pre-wax oil and the post-wax thing}.

Feel the holiday vibe with Strip's Warm Gingerbread Wax now! =)

Strip Ministry of Waxing is located at 2F Serendra, BGC, Taguig and 5F Greenbelt 5, Makati City.
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