Things I Love Sundays: Life

You know when they say 'get a life?' I think I just had that.

A million things run in my head every day --- and day after day, I crave for silence and solitude and yet I am grateful for the million, tiny pieces that make up every single one of my days. I'm thankful for this. I'm thankful for this.

My little furry friends *hearts*

 My November BDJ Box. Have you gotten yours yet?

Speaking of which, dinner and drinks with the BDJ Box Beauty Ministers | Photo via Darlyn Ty

 ... in which we eat milk and cookies of Borough. YUMMY! Tastes like first love
Photo via Em Somera

Birthday Flowers

 Christmas Gifts 

 Flowers and meanings, and in this case, lilies mean Love me if you dare

 Things Chanel

 Florentino Ariza and Love in the Time of Cholera

Please allow me to wipe the slate clean. Age has no reality except in the physical world. The essence of a human being is resistant to the passage of time. Our inner lives are eternal, which is to say that our spirits remain as youthful and vigorous as when we were in full bloom. Think of love as a state of grace, not the means to anything, but the alpha and omega. An end in itself. 

My soul will sleep well tonight. Goodnight, my dearest
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