The Carrie Bradshaw Apartment

Here's the thing: I have interior design dreams.

My friend Cath says it's never too late for me to pursue this seemingly superfluous wish -- to make a living out of choosing paints, textures, creating vignettes of layouts and creating an overall look for a home (or office!) and maybe it isn't. But for the mean time, here's another interior design I'm dreaming of: Carrie Bradshaw's apartment.

From Seasons 1 through 5, Ms. Bradshaw's apartment was iconic as her tutu had been.

Seasons 1 - 6:

Carrie's apartment had its boho look -- very vintage and unique, as her outfits were.

"I never use this kitchen, I just use them as shoe storage." - Carrie Bradshaw

I feel kilig every time I see this familiar walk in closet.

Her gallery wall reflected three frames and shelves of books she read before sleeping in tank tops and pearls.

Come the Sex and the City Movie, her apartment was renovated to reflect a more mature, streamlined, structured and ready-for-marriage Carrie Bradshaw.

From light steel blue to a bright blue, and complementing fuchsia accents, Carrie's apartment made a beeline for mature tastes. #peg

Rows upon rows of books and magazines, now lined prettily on a shelf as opposed to just on the floor. 

Two of my greatest loves: Carrie Bradshaw and well-planned interiors. :)

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