Why BDJ Box?

Hello there, lovely ladies who read my blog! I hope it's a nice Tuesday for you, too, as it is for me {actually, it's a Sunday night as I type this SO I hope my Tuesday is nice, too}. To tell ya, I'm not feeling very vain at the moment cos I'm about three shades darker from lounging under the sun too much for seven or eight days. Thankfully, my friend and fellow BDJ Beauty Minister Kat was truly helpful in reminding me to slather on SPF every now and then during the vacation. When I'm too busy doing nothing, I actually forget being OC about SPF! :D

What I realize today, though, is funny --- that I haven't shared with you the awesomeness of subscribing to a BDJ Box. Frankly, on my side, I do think about it a LOT {Kat and I talk about these things during a boat ride, you know} but we think of the future rather than the present and when I look at my box, I feel bubbly. I did discover a lot of beauty breakthroughs with these boxes!

1. Dentiste Toothpaste. I was never a fan and I always found the tube design very plain. Then Dentiste happened during the November box and I found out it eradicates morning breath. I'm not kidding. It's a plus that it's all natural.

2. L'Occitane Milk Soap. Always have been a favorite since I discovered it through Sofitel. :)

3. Didn't come from a BDJ Box nor do we endorse it but I just love my Clarisonic Mia :) I have a full review through the link.

4. Calvin Klein Eternity Aqua solved my little bag issues and it helps that it was a scent I didn't associate with anything. Yet.

5. Makeup for Bespectacled Girls. Because being behind the glasses is not an excuse to look blah --- says ME! =P

6. My TOP Palettes --- they're such an economical invention of the beauty industry.

7. Job-Interview-Ready Makeup -- you know me, anything career-ish is my game :)

8.  Speaking of which, here are the things on my office toiletry kit.

If those ain't enough, I put together a list for you, my dearest readers. Have fun with your BDJ Box, if you ever do subscribe and send me a shoutout if you! :)

This is December + January BDJ Box, BTW. The Browhaus Cash Voucher is already a breakeven and so is that Php1000-off INOA coupon. Maybe I should do a retouch? Oh and that Pantene bottle is a full size, too! I used it today and my curls look so much better.