Things I Love Sundays: Women Empowerment

We women have a lot to learn, methinks, when it comes to supporting each other.

I mean, who else are the masters of cat fights, gossip and bickering, yes? Even in the workplace, women are inherently un-supportive of each other as compared to men. I've seen men mentor each other and maybe, this is just my theory, that men were not really born with the insecurity gene.

I'd really like to change that. I've been extra-insecure ages before, after all.

That's why as I type this, whilst sipping off a cup of CBTL's African Sunrise Tea Latte, and taking advantage of the coffee shop's industrial speed internet, I am thankful that the women in my environment are getting more and supportive of each other. Just a few hours ago, I spent my afternoon with fellow single girls to celebrate a friend's 3-BR house warming party. After that, I skipped off to BGC to meet Jill and a couple of females who like me, were also looking for knowledge to manage our  finances and well, make more money. While it was a little bit of a reason to eat cake together {HAHA, really}, it was a gathering to talk about our passions, making more money, managing our resources, curbing some unnecessary spending but of course, not stopping shopping. Men do it all the time --- why can't we?

*puts on a Carrie Bradshaw voice* In a world where money makes it go round, do MEN have the monopoly of succeeding?

So that's the theme of my blog -- at least tonight and well, tomorrow. I'm really excited to share with you my post for Monday because reading through it inspired me infinitely. I hope it does the same to you, my lovely reader.

Happiest of Sundays!
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