Work. Spaces.

My work space is probably the space I spend most of my time in. My home office, and my actual office and my bed. While that sounds incredibly boring, I think it's very challenging --- to imagine what to put into such small space and what you think you would want to see during those times.

I like my current spaces  -- but I'm not yet ready to share them in full detail. For the mean time, enjoy my current picks from weeks and weeks of ogling Lonny MagazineAdore and Rue. Be still, my heart!

Loving the bright blue filing drawers that pop out in a pristine white room.

The vintage prints and swivel chair does it for me.

 I'd like a print of this, please.

A memo board for a wall. Why not?

 I love writing where the sunshine is, too.

 Office spaces need not be ugly nor boring.

 The Chinese mirror is a revelation.

 A white carpet is definitely a plus.

 Gallery walls + Gold Accents.

That patterned rug. What a beauty.

Those Roman shades

Just beautiful :) What would constitute your ideal workspace?
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