Favorite Blogs V3

Because I am a voracious blog reader as I've ever been. Sharing with you what takes up a LOT of my down time:

a. The Everygirl. This may be in the category of blogazines but it doesn't matter anymore. TEG has been a huge inspiration to me and to this blog and I'm thrilled that they've turned one. Awesome photos + Stellar copy + Inspiring features = It's every girl's manifesto.

b. It goes without saying that I am a fan of the personal blogs of TEG co-founders, Alaina Kaczmarski and Danielle Moss. Being both design mavens, I was instantly drawn to the beautifully-designed sites and impeccable taste in interior design. Both their blogs drawn me to the city of Chicago {even more than NYC}. Someday, I will visit that city and go through all the inspiring places they've written about.

c. Switcheroom by Elle Uy. I almost never backread any blog that I come across with but Switcheroom made me keep this link in my iPad for a long time. I loved her interior design projects and how she eventually came up with her own decor and furniture studio. Amazing!

d. Jess Lively. Her With Intention posts are incredibly enlightening and makes sense of my time, too. It's like every act in a day is designed to serve a purpose --- who knew I'd ever reach that point that THAT is actually what I want? Amazing.

e. Gala Darling. Time and again, Gala's blog blows my mind -- and for good reason. You know when your mind drifts away sometimes when the posts get too long? I never do that with hers. Her blogs are always so well-written, well-photographed and well-designed. It's impossible for any girl not to like her glittery, clean layout.

f. Goop. Gwyneth and really adorable pink and pastels. What is not to love?

g. Garance Dore. She makes things look easy and breezy and fresh. Like life is all about holding a camera and snapping away at pretty things that come your way.