Feels Like Baby Shampoo: Kerastase Cristalliste

"This is like baby shampoo!" I exclaimed to Mikki, when during a dinner, we began talking about Kerastase's newest member: Cristalliste.

I quickly elevated this bottle's bathroom status to first shampoo {I switch shampoos every single day} at first because of its color. It reminds me of Audrey Hepburn!

As someone who's been using Kerastase for many years now, and because my hair calls for it, too, it was surprising to know that the brand had a variant for 'simple' hair as I'd like to call it. 

Hair that sparkles like crystal, weightless as light --- the Kerastase Paris Cristalliste is enriched with the Liquid Light Complex, cleaning and purifying the hair's roots, polishing the hair's dry ends and enhancing its natural glow and shimmer. The result is hair that's feather light and smooth, cascading down in a flowing manner, with luminous shimmer caused by the refraction of light from one hair fiber to another.

I don't know about the shimmer and sparkle but man does my hair feel light. I think that would have to be the best and most notable feature of this shampoo. That and that it smells like baby shampoo.

This is best for:
  • Girls in search of shampoo that would not weigh their hair down
  • Girls in search of shampoo that isn't too fragrance-y
  • Girls in search of shampoo that lathers really well
  • Girls who like pinterest-worthy shampoo {IT IS, right?}
  • Girls with 'virgin' hair --- as this shampoo does not address chemically-treated hair. Check out other Kerastase types instead.
 The one I have is for Fine hair but I believe there's a type for hair with dry ends.

On the ingredients side: so far so good!

And if you were wondering, this is how my hair looks and feels like --- very light!

This is me sans makeup and any hair product.

Other notable information:

  • No hairfall caused by this product
  • No breakout
  • No dandruff
  • But neither have I experienced above with any shampoo :)

Kerastase Cristalliste is available at Kerastase Paris salons {mine is Tony and Jackey and Piandre!} for Php 1,200.