Giveaway Alert: Swan Lake Accessories


It's such a beautiful Wednesday as I type this. I slept early last night and here I am, typing away at 6 AM and I've been awake since 5 AM. Being a nocturnal person, this almost always never happens but here I am, enjoying a lovely sunrise. Over the weekend, I've had productive hours, too. Did you notice my new banner?

If not, here's an image of it:

Gold, glitter and handwritten.

This reflects my current aesthetics at the moment and I'm very thankful my Photoshop skills can translate them to life. Errrr, pixels I mean.

So in celebration of that --- I was thinking today is a really good day to give away something nice, don't ya think?

A budding entrepreneur, Abby of Swan Lake Accessories have been kind to sponsor a giveaway here on my blog.

Swan Lake Accessories is a nice little online store with the cutest, most adorable finds like that nifty mustache necklace. One lucky reader will take home all four items above by joining through the rafflecopter below:

The winner is: Fati Racede

 Giveaway is open to all Philippine readers! One winner will get to receive all of the accessories in the  photo above.

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