MAC Archie's Girls: Who are you?

Betty Cooper, of course.

Just as I've always been a fan of Betty Draper

, Betty's blonde locks and girl-next-door aura had me cheering for her more than Ronnie. I liked Ronnie, and I felt like my bratty attitude was more her but whatever happened to free will, right?

It was quite natural that I'd be gravitating towards the Betty side of things in the recently-launched MAC's Archie's Girls collection:

{Swatched and product shots from


MAC Summer Sweetheart Lipglass

 MAC Cream Soda Blush

 MAC Caramel Sundae Eyeshadow Palette

 MAC Stay Sweet Lipglass

 MAC Kiss and Don't Tell Lipglass

{I think this is Veronica but it's too pretty!}

MAC Betty Bright Lipstick

 MAC Cheers My Dear eyeshadow pigment

 MAC Veronica's Blush Pearlmatte Face Powder

 MAC Archie's Girls Brush Set

In the Philippines, Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge are in the cover of MEGA Magazine, February 2013!

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What about you? Are you a Betty or a Veronica?