Bring your own spotlight: L'oreal Lucent Magique

My friends and I have a bit of wish: We do hope that we could walk around everywhere we go with an invisible spotlight from a good angle and be illuminated with this so we can look amazing in photos.

Tall order, yes? And quite ambitious, too.

"Lit from within" was L'oreal Lucent Magique's promise --- as we have discovered from a Parisian afternoon with the folks from the French brand. I knew I've heard of this variant last year through

BDJ Box {where I am a beauty ed.} and through Liz' blog. I've known L'oreal as a brand all my life --- I've started being "vain" with it --- and even if I can now afford more high-end brands, I always come back to this drugstore love of mine.

What I Love about L'oreal Lucent Magique:

  • The Texture and Consistency. As it has been with previous renditions of the L'oreal foundation {it's always refined every year, as I noticed, the last one being with pearls}, this is just of the right texture. It's smooth without being too runny. It is more fluid than I'd like it to be, as I expected it to be more mousse-y like BB creams but it was as liquid as it could get.
  • The Coverage. I would say that L'oreal Lucent Magique is of medium coverage, which is enough for every day "I'm-this-perfect" look. I had expected it to be sheer, given its light-reflecting capabilities but it wasn't. Medium coverage means you can build up and make it heavier whenever you wish to.
  • The Finish. Would you believe I don't use powder with this? And in this heat, too! I know! You know how I discovered I didn't need to use powder with this? I got out of my house without patting on finishing powder and after four hours, my face still looked glowy and dewy but not too oily. I have been, however, not at all oily for the past five months so that's a point to consider.
  • The Price. At Php 845 for a 30 ml bottle, this comes off as affordable. If you have yet to find your HG foundation, this is something that's nice to try.
  • The SPF. This is really just an added bonus but hey, why not?
  • The Tone. During the afternoon thing with L'oreal, I wanted to switch my bottle for something of the Golden tone but no more stocks were available so I just let it be. As I tried N2 Pure Porcelain, I realized it was just right. Even my friend C, whom I have shared this bottle with in one of our impromptu makeup sessions exclaimed that it is a very good product to use. This coming from someone who is a MAC C30, a rare shade for Filipinas.
  • The Pump. Always a good choice.

Plus my current favorite, Lancome Juicy Tube in Rosita Tangerine

What I Don't Love:

  • The packaging. I used to peg rose gold as a very sophisticated color but this bottle doesn't feel high end to me. I am not sure why :(
  • I have three pimples on my face now. I haven't had pimples in a long time so this comes as a surprise.
  • Longevity. There are brands which last all day. It's not bad at half a day but it could do better.
  • It doesn't work well with my shu uemura Tsuya skin underbase. Nor my Benefit Porefessional. :s It seems to appear cakey and weird.


This is a foundation that's versatile for both everyday use and on special occasions, just pile on the coverage. All in all, I would say that if you don't have yet a bottle as your go to foundation, this is a good ally.

What's your go-to foundation? Tell me! :)
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