We, normal, average, can't-get-any-more-normal than normal folks have a problem with space. We fill it up. When we see blank, white, airy space, the first instinct is that to fill it up.

I've said this before and I would say it again: we have so much unnecessary junk in our lives. In my experience, it wasn't limited to just the physical space that was filled to the brim --- it was also the emotional baggage that came, and stayed. For so many years {this being my early 20s}, I was so hung up on numerous issues, I clung to the past of which I couldn't really change, I had 'letting go' issues, so much so I couldn't fulfill my swimming knowledge desires. Every other night, I would lock myself in my room and cry myself to sleep {an ugly but true thing about me}.

And then life had happened, and with it came maturity. At the snap of fingers, I became this person who finally forgave herself, the past, the things she did not have any control over, or things and people who no longer served a purpose in her life. For once, I learned that empty hours doing nothing was not necessarily 'empty' or indicative that I did not have a life nor family --- it was just as simple as having free time. I finally accepted something I couldn't get {you would know this if we're THAT good friends} and thought that maybe it wasn't for me those times. For so long, I've beaten myself about it ---- and finally, I was free from the shackles of my own unforgiving.

I realized that as much as we want to make our lives full, a generous amount of space was also necessary to move around, to hear thoughts, to hatch new ideas or to spend in silence. Space is useful when you need to lay out all your thoughts into the open, analyze it and put it back together.

And then I realized that it was the truth for physical space, too. 

IKEA makes a freakin' good point.

It was that when presented with space, there is no need to start panicking what to put in it. It's no cause for worry that a 30 sq. m. something space is too little for all the material things of our possession. A white wall is not always calling you to fill it with useless knick knacks --- sometimes, I gather my sanity back from staring at my white {ok, fine, dolphin fin blue} wall.

A lot of white can really be a source of calm most of the time. And yes, this is why I haven't been rushing to get my new queen-sized bed with matching shelves. or my new wall-tall book shelves, or why like IKEA, I asked myself: "

Does the living room really need a sofa?" I didn't really need a dining set, I wanted a home office so that's what I'm getting.

It's true when they say that you don't need to follow the rules, the norm or what is tried and tested. I truly believe that now.

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