Top 10 Instagram accounts I Love

Because on Instagram, no one can bombard your life with too many goings on {well, there are the insane number of hashtags}, and no one can shout at you with ALL CAPS or torment your peace of mind with real-time updates.

Presenting, my favoritest Instagram accounts at the moment where I get inspiration and even more: vicarious joy.

1. DesignLoveFest. Bri Emery is a complete goddess in my book --- she makes font types and photos make love to each other in amazing splashes of visuals.

2.Tyson Wheatley. Tyson lives in Hong Kong as a Senior Editor for CNN and he has the best perspectives. I've seen Hong Kong many times but the way he photographs HK through his iPhone is just breathtaking.

3. Kat in NYC. Everyone I know wants to see New York City and what better IG account to whet one's appetite than that of Kat's.

4. The Wandering Dakini. Where do I even begin? Abby's Instagram is a Pandora's box of emotions --- I find myself in deep throes of longing, despair and hope after seeing each and every one of her entries. She details the post processes of her photos and I do admit to trying to replicate them --- but I just cannot achieve the slightly slighted tones of her photos, the emotions of her words and the perspective of her eyes.

{ the smell of fresh laundry drying in the sun. planes leaving white veins in the blue sky. birds singing from dusk till dawn. the warmth outside versus the coolness inside the house / “everything is blooming most recklessly…” } — rilke

5. Kate Spade. Kate Spade's Instagrammer makes me want to work for them for free! KS' IG is chock full of fun stuff, snaps from their collections, witty one liners and crazy ideas.

6. The Everygirl. Wisdom, having fun, all things girly in white, Chicago hits --- I am in love with TEG's Instagram as I am with their blogzine.

7. Ashley Brooke.

 A stationery designer by profession, Ashley Brooke's Instagram is full of colorful, Biblical and streamlined design things. I am a huge fan of her aesthetics!

8. Gary Pepper Vintage. A model by profession, Gary takes us to obscure, never common places such as the deep woods of Europe, St. Barths, Iceland --- places we only know from books. Intensely creative and lovely, too!

9. David Bonifacio. From the left field is where you find inspiration.

10. Emma Magazine. The copy reads: "If Martha Stewart was a twenty something ..." and I knew I was in love.

Honorable #11: Eat Sleep Wear. BECAUSE everything she posts are gorgeous beyond words.

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