First Impressions: Cure Aqua Gel

Happy Thursday!

Today, I will be sharing with you some of my notes on a new product that has been hanging out in my bathroom for days now. After a couple of days detox-ing from products + a long beach trip which makes one lazy to put anything on at all save for sunblock, I got around to experimenting with a gift from Beautybox: Cure Aqua Gel:

The Cure Aqua Gel is supposed to help in exfoliating the topmost dead skin cells in the face --- I'd imagine it's a mini facial and peeling at home. After one washes her face and dries with a towel, apply the Cure gel and you'll see a bit of dead skin coming off.

First impressions

  • Smells like alcohol --- which is a good thing for me. I like the smell of alcohol. Not to panic, this is mostly water so no, using it is not drying out your face.
  • Yay for English translations!
  • Soft as baby's skin. Oh my gosh, what a revelation this is! I love using this every morning and night time because I feel like my skin is much smoother to touch!

Are you using this, too? Thoughts?
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