One more thing. Make that two.

Lately, my days are all about unpacking one more box. Moving is a feat --- and that's just for one person. And just about 10 kilometers from my old home. Imagine if I moved to another country as I wished back in 2010?

Most days, I find fulfilment in shiny lacquered floors, the smell of brewed coffee wafting in my tiny space, waking up to sunshine and sleeping under the stars. I haven't focused on beauty {outer beauty that is} for many days now. I am more consumed by tea towels and different kinds of brushes. Maybe I should make a domestic diva segment here, what do you think?

Anyway, I digress.

Over the holy week which I spent in the far island of Siquijor, I finally learned to swim. Swim, tread and save my own life. As I thought about the many things that didn't make sense, this one did. It was such a burst of hope into my life that I couldn't help but tell everyone.

I never really thought I would ever learn, you know. Not in 27 years I thought I could splash into ten feet of water and not drown.

9. Learn how to swim properly. Over the weekend, after a hazy Saturday night of partying in Manila's newest happening club, I suddenly, extremely spontaneously, found myself in the deepest nooks of Coron, Palawan, staring at the clear waters and wishing I could swim well without my life vest. It was such a numbing, sinking, animal of a feeling I wish I never feel again.
STATUS: I found out that a nearby hotel offers swim classes for Php 3,000 only! YAY!

While looking at that, I realized I also ticked another item off of my list:

10. Live in a new city. I really wonder why this comes in #11 for this is all I've been dreaming of since, well, since the beginning of the year. And life, like you wouldn't expect it, has been throwing me all the opportunities I can get. It's just the chicken in me who wouldn't budge. Yet. Take a leap of faith, and breathe. And rely on faith, and faith alone. You ever read about how people dropped everything for a new life, a new man, a new job etc. without so much as a plan or right amount of money to get by? I want to be just like them.

Probably not as scary as moving to, say, Tokyo, but scary nonetheless. And you know what they say about dreams? If they don't scare you, they're not big enough.

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