Winking my way to Brazil

The road to a hair-less life is often met with fear --- after all, every single way is laden with pain, resources and time. As an advocate of being hair-free existence, a new waxing and laser studio, especially in the hood where I’m always in, is most welcome, if not, anticipated much.

By now, you should know that this is not the Brazil I'm talking about =P

Due to waxing jobs rarely being affordable to procure on a monthly basis, I only make appointments before beach trips, in this case, before I left for Siquijor.

With my experience being limited to two waxing salons, that being Lay Bare in Makati and Strip in both Greenbelt 5 and Serendra, I was both excited and nervous as I climbed up to the 3rd floor of C2 Building in BHS.

Are you ready for the nitty gritty? Here we go:

  • I am washed over with a sense of calm – I love Wink’s interiors and choice of songs to play.
  • I was a bit disconcerted that my waxing specialist did not leave the room at the time I had to remove my clothes in preparation for the waxing session. I am not sure if this is common, but it was pretty odd. Maybe I will ask her to leave next time.
  • Wink uses high-grade paper for every individual customer. Since I am not an environmentalist, I am not sure whether this is more eco-friendly than using towels that can be washed. Nevertheless, it wasn’t much of a bother, though it’s a bit weird lying in the salon bed without a towel cover.
  • The waxing specialist asked me if the temperature was acceptable --- always a nice touch.
  • The waxing specialist talked to me warmly --- a gesture I appreciate every time I go for waxing as it relaxes me and takes my mind off of the anticipated pain.
  • However, I did not anticipate the pain that came with Wink’s Brazilian Waxing service. As a longtime patron of Brazilian, I was surprised I have reached a new low for pain tolerance as I winced in pain in the middle of the session. HA! The session proved I was human after all.
  • Kudos for the price at Php 680 a pop. That takes waxing to a whole new level of affordability.
  • The length of each session ultimately depends per lady but what used to take 15 minutes for me, at least, was about 35 minutes. As I allot an hour to this task anyway, it didn’t bother me. The specialist admits to still training to be able to achieve the 15 minute mark, which was great.
  • Love the location! I can just walk to C2 Building and not have to cab it. Plus it’s not in the full view of restaurant goers so I can do my business in peace.

Overall, I recommend Wink to ladies who have a higher tolerance for pain when it comes to waxing, and those who don’t want to fork out so much for a Brazilian.  I continually recommend this as well to my friends who are keen on trying laser hair removal but are afraid of the price tag. It’s definitely less painful (as attested by my friends) and considerably less expensive than most laser studios.

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