Chronicles of Cream Blush: Bobbi Brown Sheer Cherry Cheek Tint

For so many years, I have shied away from anything cream, liquid or anything that needs to be blended. You see, growing up, I had the most hideous acne – which produced the yuckiest scars. Surely, they’re still there and my cheeks have scars but I guess aging has a way of making things seem better.

When Bobbi Brown came out with a Pink + Red collection, I was iffy to try out the red stuff because a) I am almost never a red lipstick kind of person and b) I hadn’t worn cream blush in a long, long time.

Bobbi Brown’s Sheer Cherry cheek tint comes off as a scary, intimidating true red at first. When I first opened the fab twist cap, I was thinking all sorts of ways to tone down the redness of it so I could wear it everyday. Upon swatching on the back of my hands, it was just perfect.

The Good: Where have I been all this time? 

  • Cream blush is perfect, especially if you have dry skin. Of course, I don’t have dry skin (combination) but I make it work instead by patting Bobbi Brown Retouching Powder in Yellow most days. BB Sheer Cherry makes it impossible to look over-flushed because you can always blend with your fingers once you’ve swiped your cheeks already.
  • No scent. Goody. Blendable.
  • Natural.Can’t get over the fact that for once in this lifetime, red looks actually good on me (walang kontra! =P)
  • The packaging.Bobbi Brown, hands down, is the topnotcher when it comes to classy, consistent packaging. Love the elegant black casing of everything.
  • Wear it everyday. This has been my consistent blush for daytime --- and in case I need something stronger for nighttime, I highlight it with BYS Bronzing Powder.
  • Not bad at Php 1,350 a pop.

Bobbi Brown Sheer Cherry Cheek Tint is available at all Bobbi Brown counters at Rustan’s.
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