Chronicles of TV: Grey's Anatomy

I couldn’t remember when it was that I first watched Grey’s, but I do remember it was at least five years ago and I was living back in my hometown in Las Pinas. My cousin, who is in the field of medicine, shared it with me and at the time, I found it rather, too depressing. This was the episode where Izzy {played by Katherine Heigl}, was found to be a former lingerie model and her patient was a prostate cancer patient who once upon a time fantasized about her.

I found it too emotional. 

Last year, after too many season breaks and with the lack of stuff to watch, I found myself hankering for some Grey’s Anatomy. I think it was brought on by a fan-made YouTube video, which I searched for and found one, only it wasn’t a music video. It was an episode wherein this song was used in a Grey’s Anatomy episode. I got curious so I started from the beginning. The beginning as in Season 1.

Before I knew it, I was sobbing my eyes out at Meredith’s conundrums, the entirety of the Denny saga {IKR???}, George’s death, the Lexie-Sloan love story, the painful shootout and the rise and fall of Christina Yang’s marriage to Owen Hunt. Never has a series made me so patient with acquiring all the episodes as Grey’s Anatomy did but it has. Truth be uttered, friends who have initially been watching this have already stopped and thought it was just dragging on.

I was about to think the same when sometime this year, I lost my daily internet connection and regained it after. I downloaded the remainder of season 9 and here I am again, sobbing myself at the cheesy Kepner proposal, yet hopeful for what happened with her and Jackson Avery. Somehow, I loved Hilarie Burton’s guesting and I feel she and Arizona belong together. Too much suspense at Derek and Christina running to Meredith when she was bleeding out. Of course, Webber. {sad face}

My favorite part of the season finale

Why am I saying all these? Last week, out of proximity, I popped my SATC DVDs on and found myself, well, a little bored of episodes I’ve seen only once in my life. I guess it’s safe to say that I have finally grown out of my SATC phase and moving on to have a new favorite TV series where every single episode reminds us of the value of the human life and somehow reminds its viewers that our life is fragile and precious so do the thing you want to do the most, express your love wholly and freely, and spend every moment where it should be spent.

All of Me | John Legend| What a beautiful song I've discovered via Grey's Anatomy ep 24.

It’s a Tuesday night as I type this and a storm just finished coming to the city. Thank you for yet another rollercoaster, Shonda Rhimes.

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