Things I Love Sundays: People of Good Quality

As I type this, my friend J is fast asleep in my bed after a long talk during our 'slumber party.' We've spent the weekend together, in preparation for her nearing departure. She had grown to become one of my closest friends and I'm glad for that.

Earlier, we've spent the entire day eating: pancakes, more pancakes, bacon, kale, cashews and more food than I'd have eaten in the last week. Over lots of food, we also spent the day talking a lot about things and the Sunday morning NOT being hung over. Things do change after some time, yes? After all that, we went to the supermarket to replenish the dwindling stock of my pantry and J effectively re-stocked my kitchen with the right greens and fruits.

And so I realized, that on top of being blessed with people who listen to me or tell me about the deepest of their thoughts, I also have people who care about whether my papaya is too ripe and that I could detox with mint leaves, cucumbers and lemons.

Plus people who sing the Banana / Potato song with me over breakfast. I guess I really am a lucky girl.