Love for country

I remember very well when I was part of the audience at TEDxKatipunan that it took a British national living in the Philippines to ignite a love for my own country. Where we shunned our own country, Dylan Wilk found faith in the Philippines.

You can hear the rest of his story on how he fell in love with the country with the video below:

"If you put gold into the ground and kick it around, it will no longer look and feel like gold," was what Dylan Wilk said about the Philippines. And if only for that, I would want to support the community of Human Heart Nature.

Did you know that in Korea, they even have LG-branded soaps? Did you know that Thailand prioritizes selling their local products? It's true --- love of country can't be just singing the national anthem. It's believing in this country, believing in its businesses, believing in its stock market, in its government, in its system, following its laws.

Been a fan of Human Heart Nature since years ago BUT it's a big plus that
they've changed their packaging!

The Filipino is like that gold being kicked around, being told it's not good enough. Chin up, Philippines. Love your own with fierceness and conviction {this is for you, US Embassy, for always asking me what am I doing in this country still}. If you don't love yourself, support yourself and invest yourself, no other country will. And while HHN is just a small part of the bigger picture, HHN is doing a great job in starting to uplift the Filipino business picture.

Love local things. Today.

Happy Monday!

Human Heart Nature is available through their website or through HHN dealers nationwide.