What I Know For Sure: The Opposite

For sure the world has a term for this --- when you want something you truly want, you will your entire being to gravitate towards that ONE thing and well, you just don’t get it.

You just don’t.

I may be contradicting myself as I type this, and for good reason, too. It had been a week that there were several things that I prayed for, asked for, worked my butt for --- and not get. You could say that it wasn’t my week.

So maybe life is sometimes like that. It will sometimes kick you in the gut and tell you something. It would tell you sometimes that it’s not yours and that maybe you should channel your energy someplace else. One of the past weeknights, I sat perched on my bed, faced the cloudless moon, and sipped wine while I asked over and over what my purpose in life was.

I still don’t know that.

But in the course of this post, I was called into the lives {again} of people I love, I spent the day going back to my old school, helping a friend reach Rio de Janeiro, talk about the goodness of life and enjoy amazing food. For once, I stopped thinking of the many issues in life and well, life just started easing out.

Cupcakes from Larcy's in BF. SARAP!

Maybe I should stop thinking so much and go back to my favorite hobby of watching Grey’s Anatomy.

It’s a new week, things will sprawl itself on its own.

I cooked! I hope it's edible.

UPDATE: Just as I was ready to let things flow on its own, I woke up to this post from my church --- and I was yet again, inspired to pray for something impossible.

Have an amazing week ahead, my dearest readers!
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