Chronicles of the Two Hour Sales Lady

I feel like I haven't written anything soulful for a long time. If you've been a reader of this blog, you'd guess that every entry on this blog is made up of my heart and soul -- at least of the time. Lately, I feel like a headless chicken, running around in all sorts of directions. Sometimes hitting where it matters, sometimes, not.

Some weekends ago,I was invited by one of my favorite brands, Majolica Majorca, to become part of the Lash King Faceoff and before blowing off the topic of selling mascara at a department store, I had some really profound realizations from the entire experience.

  • It is a humbling experience being a sales lady even if for just two hours. My team and I {and I suppose, Marj's team as well} can say this: It is tough!  Just one step towards a potential buyer and potential buyer already scurries off! Some would be kind to smile and say thank you but wave away, but still, a large part of the Megamall crowd would shoo us away. I realize how humbling that is, to be a sales person. I've never sold anything in my life and I've always been quick to dismiss the thought of selling. When Majolica Majorca approached me for this, I was a bit scared {Hi, Audrey! =P} but hey, it's an experience so why not?
  • It was a test of grit and willpower. The event was to start at 4 PM and by 4:10, I only had one member of my team at the mall, while Marj's team was already complete. If the music wasn't so loud, maybe people would've heard of my heart beating in the background. For the sake of the event and my team, I wore my big girl shoes and swallowed my pride. Thankfully, everyone from my team arrived shortly and we all helped each other sell mascara. By 5 PM, we still haven't sold anything so I was a bit panicky! Thankfully, our sales picked up by 5:30 PM, even leaving the other team behind. No dice though, we didn't win.
  • Losing gracefully. Life is full of losing moments {lesser than winning moments but they're inevitable} and experiencing losing a contest once in a while is a must-experience as training for life. 
  • Blogging has truly opened doors for me to gain new friends. I am taking this opportunity to thank Team Tara: Jheng --- who supported me all the way, through and through; Tellie and Mara, who are such helpful cuties {and with hatak to boot!}, and of course, Kristine, whom I met only recently but immediately became friends with. One of my team members got an injury the night before but she was greatly contributing to cheering the team online.

#TeamTara: Mara, Kristine, Myself, Jheng, Tellie and of course, we have a boy member!

To everyone who bought from us, to the Majolica Majorca Team and to all of our supporters {hello, BDJ!},thank you so much for this wonderful experience! 
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