Best Lashes Ever: 3S Preglued False Eyelashes

I think that any girl would agree with me if I declare that the best kind of false eyelashes would be the ones that are foolproof.

As a complete idiot when it comes to applying falsies, it came as a treat when these "flirty little secrets" came my way one day and generally just made my life better. I've never applied falsies on myself even if I declare myself a beauty fanatic. I am just scared of poking my own eyes and having no one to help --- well, I couldn't even imagine.

Speedy, Safe and Smart, is what 3S stands for and when you're a klutz in the application department, the "just-stick-it" directions of these lashes sounded pretty much like heaven. The truth is, it can truly be mesmerizing to see eyelashes of the fluttery kind.

Why 3S Lashes:

  • Lightweight, looks natural on the eyes
  • To apply, just remove from the stand, apply on the lids using your fingers, cut if needed.
  • The adhesive is usable twice, and there's an extra sticky strip you can use as well. 
  • After four uses, you can use a standard eyelash glue --- value for money!
  • May appear expensive at PHP 250 but this is a sturdy product which makes more sense to use than the super flimsy ones at PHP 20 per pair but are falling off by the middle of the day.
  • Various lengths and thicknesses
  • Where to buy: Beauty and Minerals Online Store

See the extra strip?

Overall: I can't contain the happiness of my day when I'm wearing falsies. The joy of seeing through thicker lashes is just indescribable. Oh the joys of being a girl!

Have a lovely Wednesday, girls!
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